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Joint Local Plan

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Currently Babergh and Mid Suffolk are in the process of setting out what and where development will take place up to 2036 by developing an up-to-date Local Plan. This plan, which is now undergoing consultation, will set out the amount of growth that needs to be planned for, where the growth should go and how it should be delivered.

The Parish council, with the help of a voluntary development group, have reviewed the draft plan and as part of the consultation intend to submit comments to questions on the key areas that could affect Beyton.  

In brief these are to ensure:

  • Beyton keeps its unique identity and landscape and remains a distinct village
  • Potential development is of a scale and character that blends and enhances the village
  • New housing addresses the needs of all, particularly first time buyers, those on lower incomes and the elderly
  • Development sites identified are appropriate and that development in Beyton is consistent for the type of village it is within Mid-Suffolk
  • Village infrastructure (drainage, power, broadband) is able to cope with any additional demand
  • Changes to villages around us do not have an adverse impact on Beyton due to the additional traffic generated.

The full comments can be viewed here:


What do I need to do?

It is really important to comment on The Plan if you wish to influence how Beyton and the surrounding areas will develop over the next 20 years - you have until the 10th November to this.


Find out more via the Local Plan website:


Have your say and comment

If you are also concerned about the key areas we have identified and want to add your support then make your opinion heard:


Via either the online tool (requires registration):


Or by downloading this form:



If you require further information contact either:

Parish Council Chairman, Graham Jones: 01359 271266,

Parish Council Housing and Development Lead, Adele Pope: 07843414863,


Important matters will be recorded here as they occur.

Village Meeting: 7.30pm Thur 28 Sep 2017.

Notice of Meeting


Information sheet for parishioners

Joint Local Plan: Introduction by Mid Suffolk and Babergh

Consultation Document:

Planning and Development Group Meeting Key Documents:

Timeline and delivery plan

Communication plan

Planning and Development Group Meeting Agendas:

8th September 2017

25th September 2017

Planning and Development Group Meeting Minutes:

8th September 2017

25th September 2017