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Village Green

Purchase of The Green

March 2023 update

The Parish Council has received an email from the vendors land agents suggesting the land is no longer available for sale and there is no possibility of a lease to the Parish Council. The Parish Council are making further enquiries with the land agent, the Parish Council solicitor and the Open Spaces society and hope to have a positive update soon.

February 2023 Update

Further to a resolution to purchase the Village Green on 12 April 2022 (minute reference 120422/27) the Council's solicitors confirmed by email on 8 February 2023 that the  Parish Councils solicitors costs remains identical to that quoted at the meeting on 10 May 2022 (minute reference 100522/17_despite the length of time taking to complete this purchase; the delay is due to the current owners wishing to retain the lordship title. The fund to purchase the green and to pay solicitors fees has been ring fenced in the reserves account; as the Parish Council use the receipts and payments accounting method this is the only way to reserves funds that in a commercial term would be 'accrued' costs.

The Annual play Inspection for 2022/23 was carried out on 17 January 2023; the full report is available here

July 2022 Update

Gudgeons Prentice, the Parish Councils solicitors, are waiting on answers to a number of questions from the vendors solicitors regarding overriding interests. The searches have been upgraded to Commercial searches and are currently being processed.

The Parish Council resolved to purchase the Village Green at the meeting held on 12 April 2022 where twelve members of public were present. This followed a very successful open day on Saturday 26 March 2022; the Parish Councillor's were overwhelmed by your support.

With the exception of one resident all attendees were happy to exchange questions and comments making a note of their thoughts and opinions on paper.

On 9 April the papers were opened by the Clerk and verified by Councillor John Clark and a member of public.

From both the open day and publicity material displayed around the Parish a total of 75 residents expressed their thoughts and opinions on the Parish Council purchasing the Green: 70 residents offered support, 4 did not support and one vote was rejected.