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Your Councillors

Parish Councillor's come from various backgrounds and give their time freely to represent the views of all residents within the Parish; to listen to and understand the views and needs of different groups in the community.

Whilst elections are scheduled to take place every four years (next being this May: 2023) each year the Council elects a Chairman and Vice-Chairman to oversee the conduct at meetings.

Councillors are accessible to residents to listen to their concerns and to deal with them or to pass them for action to the appropriate authorities directly, please use the contact details below:


Chairman:              Graham Jones                  Chairman@beyton-pc.gov.uk

Vice Chairman:      Ann Alderton                    Ann.alderton@beyton-pc.gov.uk

Councillor:             Peggy Orsler                     Peggy.orsler@beyton-pc.gov.uk

Councillor:             John Clark                         John.clark@beyton-pc.gov.uk

Councillor:             Helena Harris                    Helena.harris@beyton-pc.gov.uk 

Councillor:               Jonathan Wilson                Jonathan.wilson@beyton-pc.gov.uk

Councillor:             Kerry Mason                      Kerry.mason@beyton-pc.gov.uk


District Councillor:

David Bradbury                                               david.bradbury@midsuffolk.gov.uk

Austin Davies                                                  austin.Davies@midsuffolk.gov.uk

County Councillor: Penny Otton                     penny.otton@suffolk.gov.uk


Staffing committee:

Terms of reference readopted 9 May 2023


Register of Members Interests


Clerk to the Parish Council

The Clerk to the Council is  Tina Newell.

The Clerk is the Council's 'Proper Officer' and is generally the first point of contact for Council business and responsible for advising and supporting the Council, setting and publishing the agenda for meetings, and implementing the decisions and policies of the Council.

You can contact the Clerk by emailing parishclerk@beyton-pc.gov.uk, telephoning 07767 163706 or by post to 25 Shakespeare Road, Stowmarket, IP114 1TU





The recommended websites for Councillor information are:
National Association of Local Councils (log in required for some parts – please contact the Clerk)
Suffolk Association of Local Councils (log in required for some parts – please contact the clerk)
Also of interest might be the paper from the House of Commons Library 
Legal Topic Notes from NALC
The legal topic notes provide extensive guidance and those relevant to Beyton Parish Council will be downloaded to a Legal Topic Notes page soon.